Experience christ's community

Leadership Lab is designed to assist youth in acquiring skills that will be useful in congregational, local communities, and the world; while experiencing Christ's love in community.  Each level of Lab is structured to help participants progress in their ability to be responsible ministry  leaders and helps them grow in their awareness of God, self and others.

Participants must have completed eighth grade.

  • Participants must complete the previous lab level before moving to the next level (i.e. must complete Basic before Advanced; Advanced before Phase 3; Phase 3 be fore Step Fourth);

If you have not been to Lab before and you are younger than a senior in high school you MUST start in Basic. Once you start you need to complete each level before going on to the next. There will be others your age in each level.

No previous lab experience is necessary to attend Phase 3 for those who are entering their senior year of high school. 

Lab is NOT a place to send your whole youth group. Leadership Lab is a unique experience aim ed towards those youth who have shown leadership potential. If you have questions or concerns  about a particular  youth's ability to fulfill the Lab experience, please be in contact with the Directors to address those concerns or issues.