To be an active LABORATORY, practicing church leadership for the future…

We see a bright future for the Gospel of Jesus. However, in order for the 'church' to be a part of that future we need leaders who are looking forward more than they are looking backwards.

That is not to say that the 'church' doesn't have a beautiful history and tradition...it does! But if that history and tradition gets in the way of our ultimate calling from Jesus to spread, live and be the Good News, then we need to be able, willing and equipped to look forward beyond those traditions more that we look backwards and learn about them.

Leadership Lab is designed to teach students leadership skills as they encounter Jesus within the community. The mission is that students will grow in their faith while learning skills they can take back to their churches, schools, and communities. There are six unique levels of learning, all designed for high school, young adult, and adult ages. 

The vision is for us as a community of youth AND adults to be willing to look into the future and practice what leadership looks like within the community of Christ.