a different kind of camp........

Leadership Lab is different, each level builds upon the previous level. 


Each level is designed to meet the maturity needs of the age group that it serves.   Students can come in at the Basic level, Phase 3 level, and crossroads level.   Pastors and adult ministry leaders are invited to attend Adult lab.   Each level follows the same daily schedule, the entire community worships together 2 times a day.  For the week all students regardless of level are assigned to a small group. It is in those small group where the learning occurs, there are 3 lab sessions a day which meet for 2 hours at a time.   Most learning is experiential and designed to foster both friendship among the labbers; as well as giving labbers space to explore their own faith in Christ.

  • basic

    Coordinators: Marcia Pederson and Bob Linsday

    Entry point for students.  Focus is on small group leadership,Smart goal planning,  leadership styles and Bible basics. Students are challenged to test their knowledge on what Christians believe. They participate in a low ropes challenge course as team building.  Entry point for students who have completed 8th, 9th, and 10th grade. 
  • advanced

    Coordinators: Laurel Wright and Devin Pennebaker

    Second year of Lab. Students learn to plan icebreakers, worship, and youth group events in a small group setting.   Students will be challenged to bring what they learned back to their home church or home community setting. They learn the the importance of icebreakers, the importance of making sure others feel welcomed, and the importance of making a Christ centered event. 
  • phase 3

    Coordinators: Raylee Brown and Jason Fisher

    Third year of lab. Students learn about prayer practices, journaling, and themselves in small group setting.  Theology is introduced in this level as well as the importance of listening to others.    Entry point for students who completed `11th grade as well as graduates who are not yet 18 years old. 
  • step forth

    Coordinators: Nicole Ungeran and Chad Ryberg

    Fourth year of lab,. Students Dig deep into scriptures as they continue to learn about themselves and how to step forth in faith into the world.  Students learn about vocation, they are exposed to different prayer practices, they hear stories about struggle and wrestle with their own faith life.    
  • crossroads

    Coordinators: Nikki Bond and Natalee Graham

    Entry point for students who have graduated high school through age 21.   A three year rotating curriculum allows students to explore service in the world, their faith in God , and themselves and part of God's world.  Depending on the year of focus, students learn about their strengths, vocation, service, and faith.   This is summer camp for young adults.  This level has experience the highest rate of growth since it's inception about 6 years back.   Entry point for for high school graduates who are 18 years of age through age 22. 
  • adult lab

    Coordinator Miranda Luder and Matthew Metevelis

    For any individual 22 and above. Designed for adults who lead in a church without formal training. Two year rotating curriculum includes emphasis on Bible and different ages of youth /young adult Ministry. Student will learn how to lead devotions, Bible studies, icebreakers; students will also engage with their own church context to see what areas are thriving and which areas are not. The book for the week is "Sustainable youth ministry" by Mark Devries.