Experience Christ's community

Leadership Lab is designed to assist youth in acquiring skills that will be useful in congregational, local communities, and the world; while experiencing Christ's love in community. Each level of Lab is structured to help participants progress in their ability to be responsible ministry leaders and helps them grow in their awareness of God, self and others.

Participants must have completed freshman year of high school by the week of Lab.

What is lab?

Lab is a weeklong conference-style camp geared for students going into 10th grade through age 22, with two additional adult levels. Students engage in interactive, modern worship with the entire community group two times a day and attend three small group "LAB” sessions daily, as well as enjoy meals and free time together. Most learning is small group based, designed to foster unity, friendship, and trust, as participants explore and grow in their own faith in Christ.

Why lab?

So many summer opportunities (mission trips, Vacation Bible School, and confirmation camps) are already filling the calendar. Why should Leadership Lab be a part of yours?

Students are regularly faced with anxiety, depression, isolation, and difficulty figuring out who they are and where they belong in their world today. Lab is an opportunity for students to connect those feelings with faith, while learning leadership skills. They are cared for, encouraged, and challenged as they experience the love of Christ through community. You can send one student, a handful, or a group. The experience, even though an individual journey, will connect any group that comes from the same church or synod.